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Geode Cracking Programs:


Cracked geodesMME geode crackingThere is just something special about cracking open one of these rather ordinary rocks and discovering the hidden treasures inside. You will be amazed at all the different crystals and other minerals that can be found inside!…These Geodes took millions of years to become what they are today and you could be the first to see what nature created inside. We think that’s pretty cool!  Basically, you never know what you might find inside. Well, at least not until you crack it open to see. That process is safe and easy thanks to our custom made geode cracking machines. So, what are you waiting for? Let's get cracking!

Why not take advantage of a number of pre-designed and customizable geode cracking programs or activities for your next event.

MME STEM LogoMany of our programs, including our geode cracking programs,  are perfect for and are increasingly being utilized in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program efforts by public & privates schools, summer camps, and many others. Please let us know what your particular needs and goals are and the budget you have to work with. Our staff will work with you to recommend an existing program we offer or take steps to customize the program to meet and exceed your goals

Geode Cracking "Activity Only" Programs:

Young boy with his geode

Looking for a great activity that is both fun & educational for your community & company picnics, family reunions, youth groups, summer camps, festivals, fairs, shows, etc. Why not consider one of our Geode Cracking "Activity Only" programs. Yes, we say its just an activity. However, everything we do includes an educational element. Learn more...


Educational Geode Cracking Programs: Popular STEM program choice with schools..

MME geode cracking 2The Mobile Mining Experience (MME) Geode Cracking Program combines formal presentation and hands-on activities to introduce participants to geology in a fun, safe and interactive way.  Knowledgeable and friendly MME staff provides a respectful environment where participants can openly share their thoughts and ask questions. Pictures, banners, geode specimens, mineral specimens and other learning aids are used to reinforce material covered and frequent learning checks (with prizes for those that raise their hands and correctly answer questions) ensure participants stay engaged throughout the program.   Learn more...
Great For STEM!


 Service Area:

Service Area  The real limiting factor is not so much how far we are willing to travel, but at what point is it no longer cost effective to do so. The larger the event or program, or the more events or programs we can book at or near a particular location, the further we can travel reasonably. Click on the "service area" link button to learn more...


Geode options for program & activties:

We currently offer eight different types of geodes and in multiple sizes of each that can be used in our geode cracking sales, activities, and programs. That's about 26 combined type and size options to choose from. Plus, we occasionally have limited quantities of  what we call "guest geode types" from time to time


Types of geodes Mobile Mining Experience uses in our programs
whole geodes Cracked / open geodes Geode description
Trancas geodes_whole Trancas Geode_split

Trancas geodes have a very diverse crystal structure and mineral content making them ideal for educational purposes.  Plus, these have a extremely high percentage of hollow geodes in small sizes that is sure to please and helps keeps program costs down.

Choyas Geodes_whole Choyas geodes_split


Choyas: Las Choyas Gedoes are a very popular geode type of collectors worldwide because of the extremely diverse mineral and crystal content. However, that popularity and limited supply makes this one of our most expensive geode type options

Bravo Gedoes_whole Bravo Geodes_split

Bravo Geodes: Being a fairly heavy shelled, small chamber geode, this is one of the most difficult geode types to crack that we offer. But that fact alone has made this a popular geode. However, crystals are often mud covered or cloudy

Crystal Canyon geodes _ whole Crystal Canyon Geodes _ split Crystal Canyon Geodes: Crystal Canyon geodes often feature some vary sharp crystal points and rods making this a very popular geode type. However, the shell of this geode can vary in hardness and thickness which can negatively effect the results when cracking (crushed sections are possible)
Keokuk Geodes_whole Keokuk geodes_split Keokuk Geodes: This is one of only a few geode types we secure from US mines, and possibly the oldest of all the geodes we crack.
Dugway geodes whole Dugway Geodes split Dugway Geodes: This is another geode we secure from US mines. Crystal formations tend to be rather small, but still an excellent geode!
picture coming soon! Moroccan geodes split

Moroccan Geodes: This is a very popular geode type used in our  programs. It features sugary white quartz crystals that reflect light well.

Sweet Potato Geodes
picture coming soon!
Sweet Potato Geodes
picture coming soon!
Very unique geode that truly looks like a sweet potato. Features small chambers and sometime multiple champers lined with agate and fine quartz crystals . Due to a high number of nodules to hollows, we do not guarantee hollow geodes and do not recommend this geode for programs

Coming soon!
Candy Apple Geodes
Coming soon!
Candy Apple Geodes
Candy Apple Geodes: coming soon!



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