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Welcome to the Mobile Mining Experience website

We proudly offer some of the highest quality fun and educational programs and experiences found or offered anywhere with a single goal, inspiring "for kids of all ages" in the sciences! So, it’s not surprising that so many believe we are Maryland's and Northern Virginia's top choice for fun & educational Gem Mining, Geode Cracking, and Geology related programs and experiences!  Every program and activity we run has educational elements carefully designed into them. But, we make sure these programs are so much fun; few even realize they are learning things too. That’s not by mistake, it’s by design and it works!

Would you like to find real gemstonesDeveloping and running educational programs of this quality is very costly to do, but it provides true value and benefits that simply cannot be measured monetarily alone... There can always be cheaper options out there, but you would have a tough time finding a company that offers more value or that can do it better!

MME Mission Statement:
To provide fun & educational programs, products, and experiences with the goal of inspiring "kids of all ages" to explore and learn more about the sciences and to better educate the public on the importance of mining (when done right) and the many products and services it provides us...

Your contributions and support is both needed and very much appreciated!

MME Rock Cycle case
With your help we will not only be able to reach far more "kids of all ages" and further our mission, but we also will be able to do it even better with new and improved equipment, programs, displays, and materials. We already are making a difference by inspiring "kids of all ages" in science. Yet, we have barely even scratched the surface of what we plan to offer. Just imagine how much more we could do with your help. We hope we can count on your contributions and support to help make this all happen.  Please see our “How you can help” page of our website for more information


Mobile Mining Experience on Social Media:

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2015 Mobile Mining Experience Open House:

The long awaited and second annual Mobile Mining Experience warehouse open house is now officially scheduled to be held on two weekends in December. Please note that reservations are required, and no walk ups will be permitted.  learn more...  It's sure to be a real "rocking" good time, that is "crystal clear", of "quartz" it is... Click on the image on the left, or the "learn more" button,  to navigate to our 2015 MME open house page 

Fun & Educational Programs & Activities:

gem & fossil mining
Why not consider one of the many unique, fun, and educational Mobile Mining Experience programs and activities we offer for your school, youth group, summer camp, birthday party, company or community picnic, fundraiser, recreation center, zoo, festival, fair,  etc... These programs and activities are sure to be a big hit with "kid's of all ages" and will inspire them to learn more about the sciences. Choose from over two dozen pre-designed programs, or allow us to create a custom program to fit your specific needs and budget.

MME STEM LogoSTEAMFun & educational program choices for your STEM & STEAM efforts!

Many of our programs are perfect for and are increasingly being utilized in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and STEAM ( (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math)program efforts by public & privates schools, summer camps, and many others. Please let us know what your particular needs and goals are and the budget you have to work with. Our staff will work with you to recommend an existing program we offer or take steps to customize the program to meet and exceed your goals.

Gemstone, Mineral, and Fossil Mining Programs & Activities:

  Gem & Fossil  Mining Programs & Activities:  gem mining with cub scoutsNothing beats the pure joy of hands-on discovery! Far too few people are gem mininggiven an opportunity to experience the fun and excitement of mining for real gemstones, minerals, fossils, and other treasures.  Mobile Mining Experience brings the adventure and positive learning experience to you. We proudly offer top quality gem & fossil mining  programs and activities that are sure to inspire "kids of all ages"    learn more...


MME STEM LogoSTEAMGreat fun & educational program choice for STEM & STEAM efforts!

     MME exclusive enriched gemstone, mineral, and fossil ore options:

Gemstone Miner OreWhile the industry's focus seems to be profit driven, ours is clearly educational benefits and it shows. To date, we are now using well over 240 different types and grades of real gemstones, minerals, rocks, fossils, and more (industry average is only 18 to 28) that originated from as many as thirteen countries to create some of the nations most diverse and highest quality enriched ore options. These are all "hand-mixed" by our staff with a multistep quality control process in place to insure the consistent high quality  and diversity of finds that we strive to provide and you deserve from us.   learn more...

Geode Cracking Programs & Activities:

MME geode cracking 2Geode Cracking Programs & Activities:  There is just something special about cracking open one of these rather ordinary to flat out boring looking rocks and quickly discover the treasures hidden inside. MME geode crackingWe offer several different geode cracking programs and geode cracking as just an activity

 Our programs involve a interactive lecture where we review the differences between rocks and minerals, the rock cycle, geode formation theories, and much more with the opportunity to win prizes for answering questions correctly. Then we move onto the hands-on activity where each participant gets to crack open their geode safely and effectively with our custom built geode cracking machines. The geode, the prizes, the great experiences, and a wealth of new knowledge is theirs to keep.  This program has quickly become of favorite for many schools, and because we typically run them indoors, they are available year round  learn more...

MME STEM LogoSTEAMGreat fun & educational program choice for STEM & STEAM efforts!

Fun & Educational Programs & Classes List:

Fun & Educational Programs & Classes List: In 2014, Mobile Mining Experience is proudly adding nearly two dozen new educational programs and classes to our growing list of options. Some of these new offerings will be available in the spring of 2014 with more being "officially" made available as our efforts to fully prepare them are completed learn more...

MME STEM LogoSTEAMGreat fun & educational program choice for STEM & STEAM efforts!

Mobile Mining Experience Seasonal Location: Clark's Elioak Farm:



Seasonal Location: Clark's Elioak Farm We are at the Clark's Elioak Farm in Ellicott City Maryland on select weekends April through October.  For those who have never been to the farm, we highly recommend it as a great family activity. Please see our "calendar of events" page for schedule dates.  learn more... 

Calendar of Events Page:

  Calendar of Events Page  MME at 2011 Howard County FairYou will want to be sure to take advantage of the great programs and activities we offer to 2015 H&Gthe public and our calendar of events page is something you will want to check often! This is where you will find dates and information on all kinds of  “open to the public” events, programs, activities, and so much more throughout the year.  Things like the dates and times we will be at the Clark Elioak Farm. The dates and times we will be at fairs, festivals, and shows . Special "open to the public" programs and class offerings information. This page is updated often, so br sure to keep checking our calendar of events page   learn more...

MME Online store:

look at all the crystalsSalt Lamps

Coming soon!   Mobile Mining Expereince Online Store  That's right, our long awaited Mobile Mining Experience on-line store will open soon. You will be able to buy most of our exclusive enriched ore's, our DIY kits, minerals, fossils, and much more all on line. learn more...


Employment Opportunities:

Employment Help wanted! We are now accepting resumes for several part-time special events positions. This involves assisting with and running programs at a number of local schools, nature centers, and for youth groups  learn more...

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